Family Style

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"These guys sound as if they've lived every teardrop and heartbreak. Of special note is Franco. His harp is the natural extension of his vocals, which have pure passion hanging on every word. And what about Marco's guitar----spine tingling! Simply Great."

Lee Cotten


" of Europe's top blues bands.

The entire band plays with well defined dynamics and the soloists handling their choruses effectively. Franco Limido blows great harp and Marco's guitar hits the mark."


"A respectable job with fine playing all round"


"Labeled the best blues band in Italy, this live CD certainly lives up to those credentials. A scorching mix of songs that will stand alongside the best. Strong whiskey soaked vocals (or should that be grappa soaked?) from Franco, who also scorches on harmonica with some wicked riffs. Older brother Marco simply sizzles on guitar, holding you by the throat with his hot dynamic licks. A mixture of hard hitting shuffles and ballads, a tiny dash of swing, performed with a tight raw edge and imparting the feeling that these guys not only enjoy what they do but have a deep passion for the blues. 

"A New Star Is Born! WE ARE AMAZED. This is great music. With a load of Soul and Feeling. Family Style, from Italy plays one beautiful kind of blues music. ...I can't sit still listening ....! ....Family Style from Italy is the second band in the New Millennium that I really get wild about. We've seen loads of bands, good bands, but every once in awhile there is one that is better than all the rest. THIS IS ONE OF THEM. Go see them when they are around."



".... the Limidos play tightly together and make a formidable combination. A fine CD , blues guitar and harp aplenty, all in the Family Style.


" Spotlight Franco and Marco as artists that can fit into any outfit anytime, anywhere. This CD - WALK - is a must for any discerning blues collector, Blues - Italian Style - Family Style. 

"This group plays great swing/boogiewoogie/jump/blues tunes and they do it with some damned outright swagger and confidence. You would swear their parents grew up in the delta. The stand out to me is the harp player. His playing is down the Mark Ford school of playing. Good strong overdrive, and in your face when needed. This is a strong HARP SALUTE CD. Great stocking stuffer for those harmonica heads!!!"


"La banda de blues de los hermanos Limido son actualmente una de las mas conocidas y reputadas de toda Italia. En este disco realizan un grato recorido por el blues mas autentico y salvaje del estilo de Chicago. La banda suena compacta y definitivamente satisface lo que estos chicos presentan en este cd. . En definitiva, un

buen trabajo para un excelente grupo.



"Family Style, una de las mejores bandas europeas, la dirigen los hermanos marco y Franco Limido. El primero es un guitarrista dinamico y sobrado de estilo, y el segundo un vocalista y armonicista qque da el pego... un directo fàcil de escuchar que rula con feeling californiano muy conseguido.



...hier musiziert die Familie merkt an der Musik dass die Band zusammengehoert, denn das ist ein Echter Gruppensound...


Mississippi, Chicago, Kalifornien und Texas auf 76 Minuten Italien...Die Spielfreude und Energie...machen das Album zu einer kleinen Blues-Perle...Dank wirklich toller Musiker...ragt wohltuend aus dem...Europaeischen Einerlei heraus.


"This album is part of a journey through life, a blues life, a way of life, Family Style. Early beginnings of this journey start with Cooper Terry, a black American Bluesman settling in Italy

after as a young teenager getting himself into a bit of trouble Stateside. Marco Limido was his electric guitarist in his band 'The Night Life'; at the age of 16, his younger brother Franco saw he band and was so impressed by Cooper, he decided then and there that he wanted to be like him. So we have it, the foundations of a really great band, following in the footsteps of their Mentor, the late, great Cooper T'. They have journeyed to many places, from Dublin to New Orleans, from Warsaw to Milan and on to Spalding in England and even Rotterdam. Journeying with them, their cousin Davide Bianci and their buddy Gigi Biolcati, gathering many friends along the way, sharing lifes experiences, it's ups and downs, giving inspiration to this albums superb content. 'Walk' is part of lifes journey."

Delta Dawn
England UK

"Family Style are a blues band from Italy which feature brothers Franco Limido on vocals and harp and Marco Limido on guitar. They favour a blues-rock style, Franco sings in English and plays great harp in a modern style. Not only that, but the brothers wrote almost all the songs, too. It's not easy to sing and write in a second language, especially in an idiom like blues that has conventions and rules all of its own. Reading the lyrics printed in the CD booklet, they seem a little odd in places, yet when Franco sings them they don't sound odd at all!

Family Style have done a great job with these songs. "Get Rid Of You" has a powerful rhythm, some guitar/harp riffs and fine 1st position harp blowing by Franco. "Jack Daniel" - a song in praise of the liquor - has more big sound, great harp sound and slide guitar from Tony McPhee. The next track has Franco trying his hand at one of the great testing harmonica pieces, "Easy" (the other, of course, being "Juke"). This is the sort of thing you don't dare lightly - every harp player will listen intently to every nuance and lick. "Easy", is particularly hard to play, since melodically it doesn't do much, the excitement is all in getting a range of tone and the right expressive feel. Franco does a pretty good job, I'm pleased to report. Without bass or drums, just guitar and piano, Franco takes the limelight well.

"Walking Blues" gets a fat, overdriven slide treatment from Marco that's probably a show stopper at live gigs. "Pocket Full Of Blues" is one chord song, with an insistent guitar riff, I like this kind of song. Following, just to show they can range away from rocking blues there's a spacious and tasty minor keyed instrumental effort, "Chaplin" written by guitarist, Marco.

It should come as no surprise to hear that Franco impressed Robert Palmer enough to be invited to play on his latest album, "Drive", which features several blues songs.

New Zealand Blues Society
Review by Mike Garner

Another jewel on the crown of this Italian based blues band. We love it! Over a year ago we already had the privilege to hear the band play some of the songs live on stage. Now, when the album is finished and spinning in our CD-player we have the idea things only have become better. This spring 2003 they toured Belgium and Holland when CD was just released. The final result is just as one can expect from a serious band. Good quality music, well produced and a feast for the ear. We are not going to spoil the fun by describing every song here. There's too many highlights on this one and they all are good music.

The album is what you can call a concept album. Most of the songs are in some way related to each other. This does not at all mean you cannot listen to them separately.

Franco got the idea for this one when he was waiting on a train to bring him back home after a Tom Waits show. One of the songs, Pocket Full Of Nothin', really is influenced by Tom Waits, the words and the singing as well as the melody lines. It sounds great.

There's also a couple of covers on this one. Walking Blues by Robert Johnson is given a beautiful slide treatment by Marco, and Easy, a song by Walter Horton, is brought to us as a real nice piece of harmonica by Franco. Note the piano on this one. Boogie wonder Stefano Franco, well known in the BeNeLux countries for his piano play, helps the band out and he does a good job here too.

Opening tune however, and we don't want to keep this from you, is a real old fashioned love song. My Baby, She's Grand. (And we? We love it)

Singing along is quite important on a Family Style concert and for that purpose there's two songs, Someone To Blues About and I Walk All Day Just To Find My Way, to help you as a listener getting started with the Family "sing along" Style.

Review by Frank the Bluescruiser