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Family Style

When you think about Italy, it's fair to assume that one thing you probably wouldn't associate it with is blues music.

Soccer, yes. Pasta, yes. Spaghetti Western, yes. But, the blues, no.


Family Style is coming and you'd better be prepared to have a cracking good time!

A real family band coming from a small town near Milano (Italy) called Arluno, Family Style were formed in 1994 by guitarist MARCO LIMIDO, to play the best Chicago Blues, steamy shuffles, topped by awesome harp and dynamic licks, & lots of swing (Blues Review)!

Together with younger brother FRANCO LIMIDO (Recorded with Robert Palmer) on vocals and harmonica, firts cousin DAVIDE BIANCHI on bass and the fascinating STEFANIA "Funky Mama" AVENALI on drums, Family Style launched themselves to the world's blues circuit, and have never looked back, they are simply the best!

Family Style have made many friends during their European tours in recent years. They are great guys, of course, but the secret of their success is phenomenal live playing.

Their gigs are technical master classes and, just as importantly, joyous celebrations of a music they so clearly love the natural blues (Nottingham Post).

Whether performing distinctive and thoughtfully original material or sensitively interpreting the work of others, Family Style's shows have been hailed as joyous celebrations played with outright swagger and confidence.

The band is currently on the road and about to celebrate the 15th anniversary around Europe (and not only...) with successful concerts in Belgium, Holland, Poland, Great Britain, Ireland, Malta, Hungary, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and more to come....

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